Q: How may parents sign up their daughter for Lakeside Hoops?
You can get the Registration form from our website, fill it out, and bring it with you to Tryouts. You may also sign up at Tryouts but this is not recommended as it slows down the try out and evaluation process.

Q: How are players split into teams?
Age level coaches and others evaluate each player and recommend her for a level they believe will suit her level of skill and aggressiveness. Coaches then meet to draw up final lists for the age group. It is Lakesides policy to offer slots to all players who try out. However, there are exceptions to this policy. If a player only attends the last tryout, there is a possibility that they might not be offered a slot on a team due to teams being full, or if we do not have enough girls to make a full team, some girls might not be offered a slot. Every effort will be made to find a slot for your daughter.

Q: When will our team practice and compete?
Lakeside Hoops arranges some gym times, on weekends. Coaches arrange other practice, scrimmage and tournament schedules and locations. Coaches also decide if their teams should enter the state tournament or play in a league for more game experience.

Q: How will I know on which team my daughter will play?
Coaches will call parents as soon as possible after player evaluations. Depending on how many girls try out for her age group, more coaches might be needed to accommodate the number of teams formed.

Q: How does the basketball season change affect my daughter who is in Middle School?
You need to check with your daughters Middle School to determine if their school is governed by MHSAA. If your school is governed by MHSAA your daughter can not play on a school team and another same sport team at the same time. This will affect most girls playing AAU Basketball and Volleyball, since some schools will be playing basketball in the fall and volleyball in the winter while others will be playing volleyball in the fall and basketball in the winter.